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We Help our clients

manage tenant risk

And we ensure that we don't miss crucial client deadlines

We get to you know your priorities, conduct robust credit analysis, and create tailored, deal specific reports and recommendations

TRA was founded in 2005 and is the leading tenant credit consulting firm in the industry.  Our knowledge spans more than 35 industries, and our team can quickly digest the complexities of any tenant into actionable insights so that our clients can construct an effectively balanced tenant portfolio and mitigate against tenant risk. 

We rate all companies on industry specific grids and combine a tenant’s credit profile with relevant market dynamics to assess risk.  We deliver clear, concise, and comprehensive diligence reports that strengthen underwriting standards and offer clarity to our clients’ investment and credit committees. 

High-Impact Results
Clients value the quality, speed, and practical nature of our work.  TRA's tenant diligence and credit reports free up our clients to pursue other value add activities knowing that they can rely on TRA to deliver on their needs.  TRA's tenant credit reports are typically presented to investment and credit committees and used as a deal-based decision making tool.  Our input and recommendations, based on proven credit review frameworks, expose and help mitigate deal risk.
Industry Expertise
We work with institutional commercial real estate companies throughout North America and Europe.  This inter-market experience allows us to identify and communicate market trends while providing the best-in-class commercial, industrial, and retail tenant risk analysis for deals in primary and secondary markets.  
Proven Methodologies
Our 10 plus year history reviewing and assessing tenant risk has yielded insights for how to best analyze tenant credit on behalf of commercial real estate companies.  Our more than 35 industry specific credit models ensure our clients receive consistent and standardized ratings and analysis across industry segments.  We incorporate key financial metrics and ratios and combine them with a grid of non-financial metrics to ensure our ratings and recommendations capture the comprehensive risk of the tenant.
Professional and Protected Service
Our trusted client relationships are built on the quality, consistency, and speed of our work.  We always strive to meet our clients' unique needs and maintain strict controls over the security of all deal specific information.  We ensure it is not repackaged or resold.  
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