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Essential Report

We provide an executive overview of a tenant's key financial and non-financial risks in an abbreviated format. The executive summary of a tenant's financial and market positioning. READ MORE +
  • Credit score and rational
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Credit scoring matrix
  • Tenant profile
  • Financial Summary Chart
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Expanded Report

A detailed write-up of the industry, key operational and strategic drivers in addition to a robust financial review. An in-depth picture of the tenant's business. Includes everything in the Essential Report plus additional features. READ MORE +
  • Everything in the Essential Report
  • Scale of operations
  • Business model
  • competitive positioning
  • Economic influences
  • Sector nuances
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Account of Financials

Over 35 Industry-Specific Credit Models

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Asset Managers + Brokers
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Download Primer ↓

1Asset Managers + Brokers

Asset management and brokerage firms are assessed through the resilience of their revenue streams and the strength of their respective franchises. For asset managers, credit is assessed on the size of a company's assets under management (AUM), AUM retention and growth, legal entity structure, franchise strength, product diversity, and related macro and secular factors.

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for CRE Decision-makers

TRA works with leasing managers through every step of the process:

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We help you understand the risks associated with the tenant's business in order to structure lease securitization.

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We evaluate the creditworthiness of existing tenants to inform the stability of the WALT (weighted average lease term).

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Portfolio Management

We provide ongoing tenant and portfolio monitoring. This includes special situations like rent relief and workouts.

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Global Sanctions Screening

TRA can screen legal entities and individuals for global sanctions, criminal activity, political exposure, and more to ensure that tenants in your portfolio meet your strict standards.


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