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Basic Reports​


The perfect resource for smaller leases or when you need an accurate tenant credit assessment on a tight timeline.  

TRA's Basic Report provides an executive overview of a tenant's key financial and non-financial risks in an abbreviated format.  The Basic Report allows you to identify a tenant's strengths and weaknesses, as well as deal securitization.  The report details TRA's proprietary rating methodology and includes a limited financial summary based on the information reviewed.

What it tells you

TRA's Basic Report provides all the critical risk and deal specific information in an easy to grasp summary.  A rating is assigned to both the entity and the lease, along with a summary of the rating drivers, the tenant's strengths, and the tenant's weaknesses.  

TRA includes its rating grid of financial and non-financial credit metrics, along with the respective weightings, so that you have full transparency in our scoring process. 

We also include a summary of the deal terms and recommended security based on the tenant's credit profile, the terms of the deal, and the relevant submarket (when applicable).  

All the Important details on one page

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