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Global Sanctions and Law Enforcement Screening

TRA can screen legal entities and individuals for global sanctions, criminal activity, political exposure, and more to ensure that tenants in your portfolio meet your strict standards. 

By using the most comprehensive commercially available database of global sanctions, law enforcement, and political exposure, TRA can ensure our clients receive the most current information on both existing and future tenants.  The fiduciary responsibility extends beyond a simple credit review, and this database allows TRA to screen for potential violations of over 1000 global sanctions, criminal activity, and political exposure of legal entities and individuals in order to protect our clients from potential legal and regulatory actions.   

Limit your exposure to possible bad actors

TRA will run both legal entities and the names of key individuals at existing and potential tenants through Refinitiv's World-Check One database on behalf of our clients.  While the hope is that in most cases, the queries will come back empty, TRA can give you the peace of mind you need to ensure compliance with U.S. legal and regulatory standards for OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets and Currency) compliance, AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance, and overall KYC (Know Your Customer) standards imposed by institutional lenders. 

TRA will provide you with an audit report demonstrating which entities and individuals have been identified and the results of the findings.  We can also set up ongoing screening to capture changes in an entity or individual's status in the database.  

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