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What we do

TRA provides outsourced tenant diligence to commercial real estate companies, assuming the responsibilities associated with evaluating tenant credit and lease risk, including conducting tenant interviews, analyzing financial and business risk factors, and researching crucial background on the tenant and its industry.

TRA's Reports and Services


TRA’s Basic Report offers clients a fast and reliable credit report who need to understand tenant credit quickly on smaller lease deals or when the tenant has minimal information to offer for review.

The Basic Report includes a credit risk score, sustainability score, executive summary, company and lease overview, and summary credit metrics


TRA’s Standard Report provides a detailed credit assessment on a proposed tenant, including red flags and a detailed operational and credit assessment on the tenant.

The Standard Report includes all information the Basic Report, in addition to credit enhancements and a detailed credit review of the tenant.

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Global Sanctions Screening

TRA can screen a global database to ensure that legal entities and beneficial owners (both entities and individuals) do not expose its clients to tenants with a broad range of sanctions violations, criminal conduct (i.e. organized crime, financial crimes, money laundering, etc.), and political exposure.  Screening for these risks protects against reputational, legal, and regulatory risks for all commercial landlords.  

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